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10 Technical Topics for Sustainability


1. Existing Buildings

investigated by studio A
Building types, conditions, heritage issues, glazing, occupied buildings and disruption


2. Ventilation and Air Tightness

investigated by studio B
Natural Ventilation, MVHR, Climate, Air Tightness, Standards, CPractice, Atria

3. Targets

investigated by studio C
Zero Carbon, Offsetting, Government Targets

4. Water

investigated by studio D
Flooding, Coastal Erosion, Rainwater Harvesting, Water Conservation, Precautions

5. Environmental Assessment Methods

investigated by studio E
BREEAM, LEED, Code for Sustainable Homes

6. Waste

investigated by studio F
Landfill, Smart Manufacture, Keeping Construction Simple, Recycling, Materials

7. Renewable Sources of Energy

investigated by studio G
Biomass, Local CHP, Wind, Wave, Solar, Waste Energy

8. Insulation

investigated by studio H
U-Values, Avoiding Cold Bridging, Condensation Prevention, Types of Insulation 

9. Energy and CO2 within Buildings

investigated by studio I
Artificial Lighting, People, Daylighting, SAP Calculations, Part L

10. Materials

investigated by studio J
Embodied Energy, Recycled Content, Processing Materials, Sustainable Sources

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